Westmore Apartments in Lombard, Illinois


Would you like to apply for an apartment today but don't know your credit score?

At Westmore Apartments, we can provide you with an Instant Credit Approval right in our office for a small fee of $20 per person (cash only). You will be given your credit score within minutes, and then you can submit an applications knowing whether or not you meet our credit requirements. The minimum credit score required to rent at Westmore is 550. 

Bankruptcies-Chapter 7- Must be discharged for at least 2 years. Chapter 13-Must provide copy of payment plan settlement statement from court. Must have reestablished new credit since bankruptcy was settled.

*We will also need to review and consider your credit for any open collections, public records, leans, bankruptcies and judgements. Please refer to the RESIDENT NON-QUALIFYING CRITERIA page of your application for more details. 

*Note - All other rental requirements must be met for application approval at Westmore Apartments.

  Westmore Apartments in Lombard, Illinois
Premium Living at Affordable Pricing!
1049 S. Westmore Ave., Suite 110
Lombard, IL 60148
Phone: 630.629.2728
Fax: 630.629.6007
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